The Law Offices of Lizette Reboredo


Lizette Reboredo received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from The University of Miami.  She obtained her law degree from The University of Miami School of Law in 1990, and began her law career as a prosecutor at the Office of the State Attorney in Miami, Florida.  As a trial attorney in the State Attorney's office, she gained extensive and invaluable experience by conducting numerous plea negotiations, bench and jury trials.  She brought that wealth of experience with her when she opened up her private law practice in 1994.  Since then, Lizette's law practice has focused primarily in the area of family law.  

Lizette is committed to being a different kind of lawyer.  She chose to practice in the area of family law because of her desire to help people in a difficult period of their life.  Divorce can be a very emotional and trying time.  Her goal is to guide her clients through the divorce process as efficiently and painlessly as possible, while protecting children from the turmoil of divorce.

During 19 years of private practice, Lizette discovered how emotionally draining, conflictive, and expensive a divorce or other family matter can be and that many times litigation continues even after a divorce is concluded.  It was this realization that caused her to focus on Mediation as an advantageous alternative to expensive and prolonged litigation.  Having participated in many mediations as an advocate representing her client, Lizette wanted to become more involved with the practice of Mediation.  Consequently, she attained Supreme Court Certifications as a Circuit Civil mediator and as a Family Mediator. 

As a mediator, Lizette found that she enjoyed helping parties negotiate settlements and finding solutions that the parties controlled.  The idea that a Judge, although well intentioned, will make crucial decisions regarding private family issues is one that never made good sense to Lizette.  As a Family Law mediator, Lizette believes that people dealing with divorce or other family related issues need a mediator who can recognize and respond to their emotional, psychological, and financial needs, and who knows how to motivate them to go their separate ways without complete financial and emotional devastation.

Lizette is a uniquely qualified mediator whose training, education, and experience allow her to effectively communicate with all parties involved in her mediation sessions.  She brings to the mediation table over 20 years of widely varied experience in the law which have given her the knowledge and ability to comprehend complex legal issues.  This experience coupled with her Bachelor's degree in Psychology give her a well-rounded background for her present practice as a mediator and family law attorney.

At the same time, her clients’ interests are Lizette's top priority. She understands that most people want to minimize the stress and expense of their litigation and simply move forward with their life.  However,  should a deeply personal issue such as child custody, alimony, or property division require tenacious representation, Lizette is ready for the challenge.  She is a staunch advocate for her clients in court and will aggressively pursue her client's best interests. 

In addition to her legal acumen, Lizette is an attentive listener with strong processing and interpersonal skills. She prepares intensively for each case, is compassionate and insightful and works diligently to reach resolution.

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